Who Should You Trust When Purchasing Technology?

Advertising is pervasive, and sadly, that even extends to the Internet. Almost every website you visit contains an assortment of ads. Some take the form of on-page offerings, while others fall into the much more annoying popup category. For a large majority of products, this type of advertising is highly regarded, but traditional ads may not be as effective in terms of prompting purchasing decisions.

The 3 Best Computer Upgrades You Can Get

Moore’s Law is still in effect. That’s the observation that computers double in power roughly every eighteen months. It’s held true for as long as computers have been around, and there’s no end in sight. Just when journalists begin to think otherwise, some new advance appears that extends the run again.

How To Secure Your Laptop When Traveling

There’s always a risk for personal belonging loss whenever you are traveling. Airports are never as secure as you would hope, and travelers going to unfamiliar places are always easy targets for thieves looking to make a quick steal. Laptops are good targets for thieves since they are small, light, and easily taken with little notice, especially for professionals.