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Are You A Business In New York City, New Jersey or Philadelphia That Is Interested In Learning How Cloud Computing Can Cut IT Costs, Eliminate Expensive Server Upgrades And Free You To Work From Anywhere On Any Device?

If your company is facing a server refresh or expansion and you’re considering Office 365, Google Apps or some other cloud solution to save money and simplify IT, it’s extremely important that you contact us to learn about all of your options.

During your free consultation, we’ll explain, in simple, non-technical terms what cloud computing is and deliver straightforward answers about “moving to the cloud”. We will discuss:

  • What “cloud computing” is (explained in non-techie terms) and why thousands of companies are abandoning their traditional server on site for the simplicity, convenience and lowered costs of cloud computing.
  • Answers important questions about security, where your company’s data is stored and Internet speed and connectivity. We’ll also discuss 10 questions you SHOULD ask (but most never do) before moving your network to the cloud.
  • Critical policies, procedures and security protections EVERY business must have in place when allowing employees to use mobile devices to access your network or store company data on cloud applications.

Fill out the form for a free consultation if you are:

  • A C-Level executive or IT manager who is facing a server refresh, network expansion or who need to upgrade their network within the next 6 months.
  • An Individual who wants a better understanding of cloud computing and how it can benefit their organization.

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5 Critical Facts To Know Before Moving Your Network To The Cloud

See what Our Clients have to say:

Simplegrid has primarily focused on saving our organization over 1,000 man hours and $500,000+ in savings.

Simplegrid has been involved with Credit Agricole Corporate Investment Bank since 2010. They have played an important role within our organization and will continue to do so as we move forward.

We have used Simplegrid for many desktop and server engineering efforts. Among other things, Simplegrid has primarily focused on saving our organization time and money by automating many tasks which were performed manually prior to their assistance.

Additionally, Simplegrid has also worked on desktop engineering efforts for both Windows XP and Windows 7. During these efforts, in addition to automating manual tasks, the team also was the lead application packager. Within this role, they not only packaged but also lead a team of individuals to package approx. 150 applications.

The automation scripts Ahsun and his team wrote were primarily to simplify our desktop and server build process for all of North and South America.

We are now using Simplegrid for a messaging DLP (Data Loss/Leakage Protection) project as well as to assist with our Windows Server virtualization/End Of Life project.

Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank