Ways You Can Appeal to Tablet and Mobile Phone Audiences

Gone are the days where no one had a computer, and gone are the days that no one had a smart phone to browse the internet. The uprising of the mobile device that can be used to pay bills, send all kinds of messages and conduct business has begun. If you’re not appealing to these audiences, then you’re going to have an incredibly hard time doing business with new, busy or otherwise tied-to-technology clients.

How to Help Your Business Save on Postage Costs

You might not think that postage is costing you that much, but even if you only do one or two mail campaigns a year, they can still result in thousands of dollars in stamps. Now that “forever” stamps are up to almost fifty cents apiece, a single mailer takes a significant chunk out of your budget with no guarantee of any sort of return.

Maintaining Security On Public Wi-Fi

Gone are the days of having to seek out a Wi-Fi network in order to gain access to a company’s servers. Today, Wi-Fi networks are readily available everywhere and are often free for anyone to use. While this makes it much easier for your employees to work from almost anywhere, it does add significant security issues that must be considered.

Thanking Those Who are Loyal to Your Business

Thanksgiving might not be here yet (though it’s just around the corner), but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your employees and clients just how much you appreciate them and everything that they do. In fact, appreciating those who keep your company running should be a year-round sort of thing, even if you just do something small and kind for everyone each month.

Coming Back From a Bad Hire

So, you’ve hired a couple of employees that have turned out to be complete failures. Now, since you’ve tasted failure, you may be afraid to hire anyone else, even when you need them. Every mistake can build your business, so you shouldn’t be viewing bad hires as anything other than a learning experience.