Will Your Next Hard Drive Be MRAM?

There’s a new technology in the area of memory and storage. MRAM. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re not alone, but it’s one of two promising up and coming technologies that stand to change the storage game forever. The acronym stands for Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory, and there are three key things that make it much better than today’s storage and memory options.

Latest Breach Hits Omni Hotels – Has Information Been Stolen?

By now, the headlines will scarcely surprise anyone. Yet another business has suffered a major data breach. This time, it was Omni Hotels, a luxury hotel chain. The breach, which was discovered on May 30, 2016, began December 23, 2015 and was not completely eradicated from the company’s network until June 14, 2016.

Unfortunately, we do not have any information at this time as to how many customers may have been impacted, nor which specific hotel locations were infected.

Mac Is The Focus of New Malware

In the old days, before the rise of the iPad and iPhone, hackers were mostly content to leave Apple alone. They had such a tiny slice of the computer market that it was generally deemed as being more trouble than it was worth to create a virus that would only impact such a small number of devices.

Identity Thieves Use Social Media To Gain Personal Information

Identity theft is a large, pervasive, and growing problem. In fact, statistics show that the instances of identity theft jumped a staggering 57% last year alone, this, according to figures from the fraud-prevention service Cifas.

The firm’s research into the increase of identity theft found that much of the growth has seen fraudsters targeting a younger demographic (ages 30 and under), with 24,000 victims in this age group in 2015, compared with 15,766 in 2014, and 11,000 victims in this age group in 2010.

In order to successfully assume a person’s identity, the first order of business is to obtain as much personal information as possible.