How to Easily Clean up Space on Your iPhone

If you are an Apple fan, you have probably been eyeing iOS 9 with envy and are anxious to upgrade. The problem? It takes a whopping 1.3 gigabytes of space on your phone to make the upgrade happen. If you are a power user with tons of apps installed or take boatloads of pictures and videos with your phone, you may not have that kind of space at your disposal.

Tired Of Windows 10 Ads? Here’s How To Disable Them

Are you currently running Windows 10? If so, you’re not alone. The new operating system has seen the fastest adoption rate of any OS in Microsoft’s entire history, with a user base well over a hundred million users, and growing.

It may seem strange to see an article praising a Microsoft OS, but the company has really done a good job of listening to and incorporating user suggestions into their updates for the software.

The Starwood Hotels Hack

Mark this down as yet another in the seemingly endless parade of successful hacking attacks of high-profile targets. Recently, Starwood Hotels was hit, and hit hard. Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide is the owner of high end hotels and resorts like Sheraton and Westin.

Fiber-Optic May Not Be A Shining Beacon of Security

It’s becoming increasingly common for businesses of all sizes to use fiber optics in their network architecture. Companies have been spending big bucks to “upgrade” their networks, and yours may be among them. Sprint, for example, made the news a couple years ago for setting new network speed records after building and upgrading its fiber-optic network, and they’re certainly not alone.

Merging AI and Big Data

You probably remember when IBM’s first generation super computer/AI beat Chess Master Gary Kasparov in 1997. It was a landmark achievement. Prior to that point, no AI had ever been able to beat a reigning chess champion.

Watson is IBM’s latest exploration into AI, and in every way that matters can rightly be considered Deep Blue’s “son.

Keep Your iPhone Hack Proof

Whatever tech gadgets a small business owner chooses, keeping your contacts and content secure should be a number one priority. Many consumers love the versatile features and quality of Apple products but worry about security. Keep your iPhone or iPad safe from hackers and other prying eyes by following a few simple steps.

Why Firewalls Matter for Your Company

Firewalls don’t get a lot of press, and some people figure if you have some or other antivirus software, that’s all the protection you need. Unfortunately, that’s very far from the truth. No matter how little press time they get, firewalls are, or should be, an important part of your overall security setup.