Simplegrid has primarily focused on saving our organization over 1,000 man hours and $500,000+ in savings.

Simplegrid has been involved with Credit Agricole Corporate Investment Bank since 2010. They have played an important role within our organization and will continue to do so as we move forward.

We have used Simplegrid for many desktop and server engineering efforts. Among other things, Simplegrid has primarily focused on saving our organization time and money by automating many tasks which were performed manually prior to their assistance.

Additionally, Simplegrid has also worked on desktop engineering efforts for both Windows XP and Windows 7. During these efforts, in addition to automating manual tasks, the team also was the lead application packager. Within this role, they not only packaged but also lead a team of individuals to package approx. 150 applications.

The automation scripts Ahsun and his team wrote were primarily to simplify our desktop and server build process for all of North and South America.

We are now using Simplegrid for a messaging DLP (Data Loss/Leakage Protection) project as well as to assist with our Windows Server virtualization/End Of Life project.

Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank

They find problems before we even know about it

Simplegrid Technology responds in a timely fashion and resolves all issues. I have never had a problem with follow through, as a matter of fact they find problems before we even know about it… We have a pill cam which is extremely important and the company noticed there was an error on the drive. Simplegrid didn’t stop until the issue was resolved knowing we had a patient coming in the next day.

Any troubles that we have had with computers Simplegrid acts PROACTIVELY and solves the issue immediately. The knowledge that Simplegrid employees have is impeccable and I’ve never been let down.

Medical Assistant Manager
Atlantic Coast Gastroenterology

…by far the best hire we have made in our newly formed company

Simplegrid Technology has been by far the best hire we have made in our newly formed company, Allied Digestive Health. We had initially hired another IT firm to build our IT infrastructure across 5 medical offices, a central business office and our main remote server. They, through their sheer incompetence and fraudulent practices, nearly decimated our budding organization. We got Simplegrid involved and they literally saved us, allowing us to fire the other IT firm and build a solid IT network that we rely on 24/7. Under his careful watch our network is running smoothly and securely and is compliant with federal regulations. Whenever we have an internal problem or issues in dealing with our EHR vendors or other medical institutions, Ahsun is readily available and provides us with the proper guidance and action. At this point he is acting like a virtual CIO for our company of 30+ gastroenterologists and 100+ employees.

In summary, Simplegrid is very skilled, highly competent, reliable and trustworthy IT Services firm. Their integrity cannot be questioned. You don’t have to just take my word. Ask our president, Dr. Robert Gianalella, and chairperson of out IT committee, Dr Doug Weine and you will hear the same thing.

Vice President
Allied Digestive Health

…our situation was dire, Simplegrid stepped in…

It is a great man who can come into a hopeless situation and make things turn out well. I can say that with confidence as we have experienced just that scenario since we have worked with Mr. Ahsun Saleem. He has managed to coordinate the IT needs of many doctors who joined practices under a single banner. We had placed our servers in the hands of an unscrupulous businessman who promised a lot and delivered very little. By the time we realized this, our situation was dire, Ahsun stepped in and helped us formulate a strategy to recover. And recover we did. At this point, he has reliably been managing all of our data center needs, special projects such as merging EMRs and helping move whole practice systems to a new location.

Without reservation, we would endorse him and his advice in the IT world. He has been an invaluable resource to our organization.

Atlantic Coast Gastroenterology

We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Ahsun and Simplegrid.

We’re a small boutique law firm that was started 4 years ago. We went with some people that came recommended to us by folks in the finance industry and that was a disaster. They had no clue what they were doing and the responsiveness was awful. Simple questions took too long to answer. We then moved to real outsourced IT solution thinking that the resources it would bring would help our business and its IT needs. This also turned out to be a disaster. We then went with Ahsun and Simplegrid.

Fast forward 2+ years, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience with Ahsun and Simplegrid. They know the legal service business. They know the software we use. They are extremely responsive. They are extremely friendly. They are fair. They know what they are doing. I appreciate Ahsun’s honesty. I look to him as my IT advisor. I trust him. We look forward to growing with Ahsun and Simplegrid.

Brick & Patel LLP

Dependable and always available

I would highly recommend Ahsun and Simplegrid Technology, Inc. Simplegrid has always been very professional and extremely helpful with any problem. They are dependable and always available, day or night, to be of assistance. They have never made me feel that I was “bothering them” no matter how small the problem. I only wish I had known about this company years ago!

Center Director
Ocean Surgical Pavilion

A technological scholar who is a true professional

As a large Medical practice in the Monmouth County area of New Jersey, we have had our share of IT Companies throughout the years that were less than stellar. In the past year, we have grown at an incredibly fast pace and found that we needed an IT Company that could meet all of our needs in all aspects of technology from our Electronic Medical Records to our Telephone systems.

All of our concerns were lifted when we signed on to work with Simplegrid. Ahsun Saleem their Principal Consultant is a technological scholar who is a true professional and completely understands our needs. We have high expectations and Simplegrid provides us with an excellent level of service. The team is available for us at a moment’s notice and a pleasure to work with. We greatly trust and highly recommend Simplegrid for all of your technology needs.

Practice Administrator
Red Bank Gastroenterology

We made the right choice signing on with Simplegrid

We signed on with Simplegrid a couple of months ago when our previous IT company left us with a huge mess. We were at our wits end not knowing if we were going to recover from this nightmare.

Ahsun Saleem and his team came in and took full charge in helping us through this transition with such ease and professionalism. They were able to clean up all our problems and guide us in a new direction.

Anytime we need help or have a simple question, there is no hesitation, the Simplegrid team is always ready to lead a hand. We made the right choice signing on with Simplegrid.

Monmouth Gastroenterology

You have been an absolute lifesaver

Needless to say we’ve had a similar bad experiences with a prior IT support provider and without question you have been an absolute lifesaver. Not only did you help extricate us from a nearly impossible situation you have provided us phenomenal service that has been reliable and reasonable in terms of cost. I would wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend you to any company looking for IT support.

Shore Gastroenterology Associates

The level of excellence we expect in an IT company

My experience with Ahsun / Simplegrid started last year during a very stressful time with another IT company. Ahsun came in and was able to quickly bring us back to the level of excellence we expect in an IT company. He is prompt to troubleshoot issues and always professional in every way!

Director of Nursing Services, ASC Administrator
Endoscopy Center of Red Bank

No slip-ups, just results

Ahsun’s creative thinking, expertise, positive can-do attitude and drive as a IT professional made him an absolute pleasure to work with. He continually delivered results, went above and beyond in providing exceptional service and support, and showed genuine integrity and respect as a service provider. Ahsun is enthusiastic, personable and a brilliant networker. His strengths in staying across issues, pro-actively offering solutions and ideas and being adept at all aspects of communications make him a valuable contributor to any situation or team.

Ahsun is a dedicated, ambitious, result driven leader and thoughtful individual. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Ahsun is your man! He is great in dealing with difficult situations and a fantastic problem solver. I recommend him to anyone searching for IT support and development.

Forest Healthcare Associates

Commitment to customer satisfaction

I cannot say enough about the professionalism, and wealth of knowledge as well as strong work ethic and customer service we have received from Simplegrid and especially Ahsun. I have worked for several companies and have been involved in several mergers over the course of my career to include 7 new EMR systems and I can tell you my experience working with simplegrid and Ahsun has been outstanding. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is exemplary.

MBA – Practice Administrator
Atlantic Coast Gastroenterology

100% there for us.

I can fully recommend Ahsun Saleem for your IT needs. My office is using GE Centricity and Ahsun has been 100% there for us. He has managed all of our IT needs from programing to equipment. Ahsun has set up all of the equipment in our office, has handled installation and upgrades to our EMR program, has maintained servers, handles all of our backups to the program and put in numerous interfaces. When I call him with a problem he is always available to help me with it. He is a very patient man and I have tried his patience more than once with my questions and concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend Ahsun for your computer needs.

Practice Administrator
Forest Healthcare Associates – Hackensack University Medical Center

Immediately Responsive

My name is Linda Helmes and I’m one of the Practice Administrators at Advanced Gastroenterology Associates, a Division of Allied Digestive Health.

Allied Digestive Health is a recently formed merged entity of 5 separate GI practices with more than 15 different office locations, 32 doctors and 180 employees which all had to be brought together on to one system. We were previously working with another IT group and nothing was working the way it needed to be. Ahsun and his team came in and corrected the entire situation. They made it look easy to us, but we know this was no small task!

Ahsun Saleem and his staff were unbelievable during this conversion and continue to be. Ahsun is above all else knowledgeable; but what truly makes him great to work with is his even keel temperament. He has a lot of personalities to work with and he keeps his cool at all times. He is always respectful; he knows that most of us don’t know much about IT, but he never treats us this way. He’s always immediately responsive and gives you as much time as you need. We never feel rushed or that we’ve annoyed him with our 1 million questions and needs.

Practice Administrator
Advanced Gastroenterology Associates

Above and Beyond

I cannot give you a higher recommendation as an IT specialist. What you have done for our organization is above and beyond.

As you are aware, we were in a severe time of need having been taken advantage of by our prior IT service. They took advantage of us in many ways including financially and we were in a desperate situation. Not only did you help us make a seamless transition, your fees were very reasonable.

You continue to amaze us with your knowledge, dedication and skill and proactive nature to dealing with problems.

Red Bank Gastroenterology

Simplegrid is integral to the success of our law firm

Ahsun at Simplegrid is the most responsive and knowledgeable IT consultant we have ever worked with. When we created our law firm a few years ago, our goal was to be as paperless as possible. To that end, we created a network and a system for storing all documents which is completely integrated with matter information. Another company first set up the system, but we were not happy with their work.

Simplegrid came in and fixed everything. They keep it all running smoothly. They make sure there are no problems with the software we are running, the space/functionality of hardware, and the integration of it all. Several of our attorneys and employees do most of their work from home. Simplegrid makes sure our system is securely available to them and working efficiently.

We have found Ahsun to be extremely responsive to any question we have from big to small. He helps us think through ideas we may have should we require new functionality and makes sure we are not forgetting any aspect from security to space to usefulness. Simplegrid helps us keep our systems up to date and secure. They make sure we are not wasting resources. They make sure all employees are able to do what they need to work efficiently and effectively.

Basically Simplegrid is integral to the success of our law firm.