Simplegrid is integral to the success of our law firm

Ahsun at Simplegrid is the most responsive and knowledgeable IT consultant we have ever worked with. When we created our law firm a few years ago, our goal was to be as paperless as possible. To that end, we created a network and a system for storing all documents which is completely integrated with matter information. Another company first set up the system, but we were not happy with their work.

Simplegrid came in and fixed everything. They keep it all running smoothly. They make sure there are no problems with the software we are running, the space/functionality of hardware, and the integration of it all. Several of our attorneys and employees do most of their work from home. Simplegrid makes sure our system is securely available to them and working efficiently.

We have found Ahsun to be extremely responsive to any question we have from big to small. He helps us think through ideas we may have should we require new functionality and makes sure we are not forgetting any aspect from security to space to usefulness. Simplegrid helps us keep our systems up to date and secure. They make sure we are not wasting resources. They make sure all employees are able to do what they need to work efficiently and effectively.

Basically Simplegrid is integral to the success of our law firm.

Geetika Patel