Immediately Responsive

My name is Linda Helmes and I’m one of the Practice Administrators at Advanced Gastroenterology Associates, a Division of Allied Digestive Health.

Allied Digestive Health is a recently formed merged entity of 5 separate GI practices with more than 15 different office locations, 32 doctors and 180 employees which all had to be brought together on to one system. We were previously working with another IT group and nothing was working the way it needed to be. Ahsun and his team came in and corrected the entire situation. They made it look easy to us, but we know this was no small task!

Ahsun Saleem and his staff were unbelievable during this conversion and continue to be. Ahsun is above all else knowledgeable; but what truly makes him great to work with is his even keel temperament. He has a lot of personalities to work with and he keeps his cool at all times. He is always respectful; he knows that most of us don’t know much about IT, but he never treats us this way. He’s always immediately responsive and gives you as much time as you need. We never feel rushed or that we’ve annoyed him with our 1 million questions and needs.

Linda Helmes
Practice Administrator
Advanced Gastroenterology Associates