…by far the best hire we have made in our newly formed company

Simplegrid Technology has been by far the best hire we have made in our newly formed company, Allied Digestive Health. We had initially hired another IT firm to build our IT infrastructure across 5 medical offices, a central business office and our main remote server. They, through their sheer incompetence and fraudulent practices, nearly decimated our budding organization. We got Simplegrid involved and they literally saved us, allowing us to fire the other IT firm and build a solid IT network that we rely on 24/7. Under his careful watch our network is running smoothly and securely and is compliant with federal regulations. Whenever we have an internal problem or issues in dealing with our EHR vendors or other medical institutions, Ahsun is readily available and provides us with the proper guidance and action. At this point he is acting like a virtual CIO for our company of 30+ gastroenterologists and 100+ employees.

In summary, Simplegrid is very skilled, highly competent, reliable and trustworthy IT Services firm. Their integrity cannot be questioned. You don’t have to just take my word. Ask our president, Dr. Robert Gianalella, and chairperson of out IT committee, Dr Doug Weine and you will hear the same thing.

Nadeem Baig, M.D.
Vice President
Allied Digestive Health