When Employees Take Over The Technology

When people think about extreme reactions to changes in technology within a company, what most often comes to mind is the older worker, the one who is not a digital native. These are the people for whom change has come too quickly and demanded retraining for positions that otherwise were following a simpler and established routine.

What Social Media Can Mean to Your Business

You have probably heard more than you care to about social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, their popularity and the viral nature of people’s posts that claim to “crash the Internet.” Dramatics aside, social media serves many valuable functions in the company business plan, particularly how it relates to your customers.

What Is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing, a term coined by writer Jeff Howe, is the act of designating tasks usually performed by a specific person, such as a contractor or employee, to a large pool of workers who handle these individual chores on a freelance basis. Since these workers are independent contractors, the usual expenses of hiring, training and even keeping track of payroll taxes are unnecessary, and since the people in the “crowd” could be anywhere in the world, it’s possible to get the simpler and more repetitive tasks done at a very low price.

Protecting Your Customers’ Credit Card Data

You are opening up your own business, or your small business has decided to start accepting credit cards to make purchases more convenient for customers. What steps will you take to garner your customers’ trust that their credit card data are secure and remain confidential?

PCI Data Security Standards

First, as a new business accepting credit cards, it is imperative to understand that you are subject to the scope of the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI).

The PCI offers assessments to your business, as well as compliance information.

Facebook Changes It Up With Messenger & Video

The biggest social media platform in the world is, yet again, changing things with its services. While sometimes these changes are things that hardly even go noticed, this time that might not be the case.

Mark Zuckerberg and team recently had a keynote where they discussed upcoming changes with Messenger and video on Facebook, and the changes are significant.