Does Your SMB Need a Social Media Manager?

As the social media channels you need to manage grow, so does your need for the time to manage them. Sometimes you can’t quite find the time yourself, and you need to pass the hat on to somebody else. Occasionally, this means hiring a social media manager – someone who not only responds to inquiries, but helps your social media pages grow.

Automating Your Office: 3 Easy Ways to Start Doing It Today

Have you taken advantage of automation yet? Automation is part of modern workspaces today and will be the benchmark for profitable businesses in the near future. Not only does automation drive sustainable business, it minimizes risk and is often called a process that is ‘win-win’ and ‘doesn’t have a downside’. Organizations everywhere have been more empowered to save time and money with automation.

Is YOUR Website Mobile-Friendly Enough for Google?

Not too long ago, “Mobilegeddon” began, triggered by Google’s new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that gives a significant boost to websites that have taken the steps to be more mobile-friendly.

The change took about a week to complete, and now that it’s complete, small and large businesses alike need to make sure their web pages are friendly enough for Google.

Simplegrid Steps Up To Help New Jersey Physician With EMR Selection

The abundance of EMR solutions available to New Jersey physicians is enough to leave the most technical savvy doctors and healthcare staff confused and uncertain about what solution is best.

Paramus, NJ – Doctors across New Jersey are rapidly making the move to Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management Systems, which allow them to improve patient care, ensure proper healthcare information is maintained and ensure that the confidentiality of all patient records is also maintained.

Are You Optimizing Your Security Budget?

We know that as an SMB, you have a budget – and you have to stretch that budget each and every month to ensure you can keep conducting business. Sometimes this means not upgrading something when you would otherwise do so. Sometimes it means foregoing that business trip you wanted to take and sometimes it means eliminating or severely shrinking the budget you have for security purposes.