3 Ways Your Business Can Become More Transparent

More and more companies are beginning to come around to the idea of transparency. Transparency, in fact, is becoming an industry standard for lots of reasons, namely because it results in happy customers and happy shareholders. Transparency is all about being accountable, honest and open with everyone about the good (and the bad) things that happen in your business.

Help Your Business Save on Postage Costs Today

You might not think that postage is costing you that much, but even if you only do one or two mail campaigns a year, that can still result in thousands of dollars in stamps. Now that “forever” stamps are up to almost fifty cents apiece, a single mailer takes a significant chunk out of your budget with no guarantee of any sort of return.

Do You Have a Good Return Policy?

The vast, vast majority of people who are going to purchase from you care about the return policy. While many of them won’t ever use it, a Harris Poll said that over 90% of customers do factor in the return policies before purchasing something. This is especially important if you are selling intangible things, such as services, or a product that isn’t sold in stores – if they can’t hold something, they still want to know if and how it can be sent back.

Developing the Perfect Small-Business Budget

Setting and sticking to a budget is one of the hardest things on the planet, and it’s especially hard for a business. After all, you need things! You need employees, new office chairs, a new computer and some new software that will increase workflow! How are you supposed to stick to a budget?

The truth is, however, that it’s absolutely necessary to stick to a budget if you want to see your business succeed, and while a budget might feel restricting, it gives you the permission to spend where you need to and say no where you don’t. Try it out – if you don’t like it after six months, you can always go back to not having one.

How You Should Interact with Your Customers on Social Media

The rise of social media to communicate with customers has been a fairly recent trend, so it makes sense if you aren’t sure how to maximize its potential. Getting people to interact and care about your company can be a hard problem to solve. However, no matter what size or what niche your company is in, you can encourage engagement, connection and improve the overall feel of your company on social media with just a few simple tips – starting today.

How to Perfect Your Work-at-Home Policies

Now that you’ve decided it’s okay to enact a work-at-home policy, maybe you aren’t quite sure what should be included in it. That makes sense; the entire frontier of work-at-home was just pioneered, and it can be difficult to know exactly what you want or even what you need out of someone when they aren’t in the office.

How to Get a Client to Heed your Call to Action

When someone comes to your website, you don’t want them to stop at the front door. You’d like them to click around, explore, and consider your services. Ultimately, you want them to pay attention to your call to action and become a customer. That’s why knowing what to do with a potential customer that comes across your site is important, and it starts with these simple tips.

How Can Social Media Help Your Business?

It’s a little known fact of the small business world: people buy from people, not from websites. Interesting concept, right? You could have the nicest website in the world with the most interesting design, content and feel. It could have valuable information, a great call to action, and an updated blog.