Security Risks When Using Android

Many SMBs and corporations have shied away from allowing or using Android devices in the workplace because of possible security risks. Most of the security risks involved are related to the open development nature of the system, which allows hackers easier access to the OS and makes it easier for them to get their malware app out there.

Essentials Tools Your Business Should Provide Remote Workers

Telecommuters are some of the most valuable employees in your organization. Not only do they often make face-to-face contact with corporate branches and clients, they have a real world sense of the business environment in a number of locations. Because these employees are extensions of the company, equipping them with the essential tools to make their time out on the road greatly increases their value.

Security Threats from Cloud Service Providers

The cloud-related threats of 2013 are still around today. “The Notorious Nine; Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2013” was published by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and is updated regularly, according to the CSA website. This document is touted as a way to assist companies in making risk management decisions about their cloud strategies.

Find Friends (And Customers) With Geolocation

Geolocation refers to the process of determining the location of a computer, a piece of networking equipment or a device. It usually uses Global Position Satellites (GPS) in order to determine the geographical location of the computer or device. GPS is built into most smartphones, and there are many apps taking advantage of geolocation to provide location specific information and services to their customers.