Security Threats from Cloud Service Providers

The cloud-related threats of 2013 are still around today. “The Notorious Nine; Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2013” was published by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and is updated regularly, according to the CSA website. This document is touted as a way to assist companies in making risk management decisions about their cloud strategies.

Find Friends (And Customers) With Geolocation

Geolocation refers to the process of determining the location of a computer, a piece of networking equipment or a device. It usually uses Global Position Satellites (GPS) in order to determine the geographical location of the computer or device. GPS is built into most smartphones, and there are many apps taking advantage of geolocation to provide location specific information and services to their customers.

Hackers Target Drug Company Secrets

It is no secret that hackers, the bad kind, seem to be everywhere. From local businesses trying to spy on their competitors to international peepers from anonymous foreign countries, every business and personal computer is under attack. In most cases, the goal is obtaining information for sale, whether it is to be sold on the black market, such as credit card data, or used to discover corporate and government secrets.

The Eyes Have It: The Rise of Biometric Banking

To increase the security of transactions and build trust with customers, the use of biometrics is growing as an identification tool for banks worldwide. The banking industry is under increasing pressure to develop protocols to minimize the possibility of fraud and identity theft because of the constant evolution of the technologies that are now being used to complete transactions on the growing number of platforms and devices used by both the banking industry and the consumer.

Why Hacking Is a Great Danger to Small Business

It may come as a surprise to many, but the source of most small business data breaches – about 80 percent – come from employees who either violate protocol or misuse their access privileges and use company computers for personal use. More than one of the data breaches that have made the news involve an employee who opens an attachment in an email which then opens the door for hackers.