Could Selfies Soon Replace Your Passwords?

MasterCard has been experimenting with a new facial biometrics app, and is poised to roll it out in force later this year. The basic idea behind the technology is that it will employ facial recognition in the place of traditional passwords, on the thinking that while it’s possible to guess at your password, a hacker’s going to have a really hard time faking your face.

Will Getting Rid of Cards Increase Bank Security

The magnetic stripes on the backs of credit and debit cards are problematic. The root of the problem is that they contain absolutely nothing in the way of security. The information they contain is completely unprotected and vulnerable to a type of attack known as “skimming,” where someone with a bit of technical savvy can simply walk up close to you, and make a copy of the contents of your magnetic stripe.

The Dangers of Open Wi-Fi

Have you secured your Wi-Fi connection yet? If not, your neighbors may be “borrowing” your internet connection. That poses some potential dangers to you, and could even set you up for some legal trouble, but how can you tell?

There are a number of indirect indicators that someone may be borrowing your connection.

New Attack Puts Websites At Risk

Remember last year’s “Heartbleed” scare? If you don’t, or if you need a refresher, Heartbleed was a flaw in the security of SSL, which is the technology employed by just about everyone on the web to make financial transactions secure. It is essentially the technology that makes people feel comfortable about conducting business on the web.

How To Manage Your Reputation Online

There are few things that strike terror into small business owners like having someone smear them, their company, or their brand online. Is it any wonder? We’ve all seen and heard horror stories about businesses being brought down by a hailstorm of criticism on the internet, and it can leave business owners feeling powerless to do anything about it.