Don’t Turn Off Security Updates To Avoid Windows 10 Upgrade

In recent months, Microsoft has made a number of very good, highly popular moves that have had its customers raving about its apparent change. This latest incident, however, isn’t one of those. Microsoft has been accused of resorting to malware-style tactics to try and force Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10, by inserting the OS upgrade in with the critical security patches.

Are You Ready For A 10 Core Processor?

You’ve probably got either a dual- or quad-core computer sitting on your desk right now, but if you love bleeding edge technology, then you’re going to want to upgrade after reading this. Recently, at the Computex trade show in Taipei, intel unveiled its first ever 10-core processor, designed for the home market (although why these aren’t called “deca-cores” is a bit of a mystery, given the convention thus far).

The one caveat that accompanies the new chips is price.

Tumblr and Myspace Latest Companies To Get User Accounts Hacked

Not long ago, we learned that last year’s high profile LinkedIn hack was much bigger than initially thought. When the hack occurred, the company assured its user base that it was limited in scope to some 6.3 million user accounts (LinkedIn has some 400 million users all told, which made this a serious breach, but not one that impacted a majority of LinkedIn’s user base). Then it came to light that the actual scale of the LinkedIn breach was closer to 167 million user accounts, when a database containing the hacked material showed up for sale on the Dark Net.