Things Business Leaders Need to Know About Technology

In history class, we learned about the Industrial Revolution and its impact on the world. Today, we are in the midst of a technological revolution, with impacts as broad as the ones from the revolution brought about by the cotton gin. As a leader, do you know what you need to know about this phenomenon?

The Technology Revolution

This revolution actually started with the advent of the personal computer.

The Time To Examine Third Party Security

One of the most often overlooked security holes in many companies is through third party providers. Companies may have a comprehensive security policy in place for their internal networks, with provisions for mobile devices and a great data loss prevention strategy, but may leave themselves wide open when it comes to the third party security.

The Impact of Technology on the Franchise World

Most small to medium-sized business owners understand the power of technology to transform their business. Making the right investments in technology at the right time can radically change the face, nature and character of your business. It can make you and your employees more productive, cut development time, improve customer service, and more.