Three Tips For Giving a More Memorable Presentation

If you’ve ever been to a conference of any sort, you probably know what we’re talking about when we say “boring.” A good number of people give speeches and presentations their best shot, but sometimes their best just isn’t all that great. Witnessing a lackluster speech is sometimes worse than a root canal (at least they have numbing agents for that). Usually, these kinds of speeches involve a lot of wrist checking—whether you have a watch or not—and counting minutes.

The Importance of Mobile Recruiting

For many businesses, the processes of recruiting are much the same as they were twenty years ago. While the technology of almost every other aspect of business has changed drastically over time, many companies still fall back to the classic recruiting methods that have been in use for decades.

The Faceboook privacy hoax

Periodically, The internet is all abuzz with rumors that Facebook is about to make changes to its privacy policy. When those rumors start flying, The idea that Facebook is about to change everyone’s privacy settings to “public,” meaning that any and everyone will be able to see whatever it is you post on your Facebook page, from those pictures of cute kittens, to the pictures you probably don’t want your boss to see of what you were really doing at last year’s Christmas party.