Facebook Changes It Up With Messenger & Video

The biggest social media platform in the world is, yet again, changing things with its services. While sometimes these changes are things that hardly even go noticed, this time that might not be the case.

Mark Zuckerberg and team recently had a keynote where they discussed upcoming changes with Messenger and video on Facebook, and the changes are significant.

Do You Need an Email Autoresponder?

Some people believe that autoresponders are just a little too impersonal and that they don’t convert or result in any good except for a click or two. Sometimes they don’t even result in that and you get stuck in the spam folder. All of the hard work you put into your autoresponder was for nothing, and you don’t like wasting your time and money on things that don’t work.

All About Microsoft 2016’s New Business Features

It’s here: Microsoft 2016 has finally come to greet businesses and individuals alike, and while the program is essentially the same as the last release, there are still some major changes. Some of the new features include tons of new productivity-boosting tools that anyone who may stray from tasks a little too often will love, among other things.

Features Any Work Laptop Needs

Once upon a time, it was rumored that the de facto standard of excellence for a business work laptop was the IBM ThinkPad. There are those who may disagree with this, but even when IBM sold off its laptop business to Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, the ThinkPad was still highly sought after on the basis of its reputation.