Be Wary Of Open Public WiFi

Public WiFi is ubiquitous. Pretty much anywhere you go these days, you’re going to find a free network you can connect to. Stop in to grab some coffee, free WiFi. Grab lunch at the restaurant downtown? Free WiFi. It’s everywhere, and that’s at least part of the problem.

New Form of Malware Used Ads To Infect Computers

The FBI has recently shut down a particularly nefarious ad server called the AdGholas group, which used a new and innovative method of infecting computers and managed to avoid detection for several months.

The hackers employed advanced steganography techniques via code embedded in graphics files, which marks the first time in history that malware has been served via steganography techniques.

Verizon Unlimited Data? Your Account Might Get Closed

So what do you do when you offer an unlimited data plan and people actually take you up on your offer? Well, if you’re Verizon, you start banning them.

Currently, Verizon is offering an “unlimited” plan. The problem, however, is that if you use large amounts of data, they’ll kick you off the network, and when you rejoin, you’ll find that you no longer have the option to sign up for the unlimited account.