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If you are a healthcare practice in New Jersey, and you are growing organically or merging with other practices, and you want to leverage technology to allow you to see more patients, increase profitability, keep you within all HIPAA regulatory requirements, and allow you to leave the office at 5 pm, then we can help!

It’s standard for our customers to have about 20 to 300 workstations. They offer professional medical services that have a dependence on e-mail, the Internet, and their computer network for running their medical practices. As a result, medical practices throughout New Jersey trust in us to install and support the advanced technologies that transform their practices into highly effective businesses.

Our services are most effective and efficient when we work with clients who:

  • Require reliable and secure IT Management Services for their company’s computer networks.
  • Recognize that technology is an effective method to increase productivity and help move ahead of the competition.
  • Need not only a partner in technology, but also a trusted advisor to help them be more profitable and productive through expert network support.
  • Are willing to make an investment in advanced system for business technology to eliminate repetitive labor-intensive tasks and to improve communication with Computer and Communications Networks.

How we help

Are you a physician or practice manager with IT Responsibility?

Managing IT has been called the black hole of the back office. It’s a drain on resources, money, and most of all, time—time you don’t have. Physicians and/or practice managers responsible for IT are looking for a trusted partner to take IT off of their hands. Simplegrid’s team are experts of managing your infrastructure – from assisting your employees with working with IT to managing and optimizing the infrastructure that runs your EMR application, Simplegrid will be able to give you IT Peace of Mind.

Are you an IT executive responsible for managing your practice’s IT infrastructure?

You have the know-how to manage IT but lack the resources, funds or time. You’re looking to outsource key IT functions to a trusted partner so you can focus on the business of IT—a critical component of running and growing your business.

Simplegrid’s team can work with IT directors to provide the necessary enterprise grade tools to manage your infrastructureat a fraction of the cost. Simplegrid’s team also partners with you to provide tier II and tier III support, so that you can sleep at night, and finally go on that vacation you’ve been putting off. Simplegrid also provides industry experience, so you can understand where the industry is heading, so you can strategize how best to deliver the optimal IT environment to help your practice grow.


Technology Management

24 x 7 Service Desk
Server and Workstation Monitoring
Scheduled On-Site Maintenance Visits
Mobile Device Management

Network & Cyber Security

Security Monitoring
Intrusion Prevention and Detection
Application Security
End Point Protection

Medical Application Support

EMR Applications
Practice Management Applications
Pathology Applications
Lab Interfaces

VoIP/Phone Solutions

Data Protection Solutions

Business Continuity Planning
Disaster Recovery Planning
Server Backup
Desktop/Laptop Backup

HIPAA Compliance

Risk Analysis
Business Impact Analysis
Security policies and procedures
Business Associate Compliance

Cloud Services

Desktop Solutions
Hosted Exchange
Hosted Server
Hosted EMR


IT Strategy
IT budgeting
Vendor Management
Policy Review and Drafting

See what Our Clients have to say:

We made the right choice signing on with Simplegrid

We signed on with Simplegrid a couple of months ago when our previous IT company left us with a huge mess. We were at our wits end not knowing if we were going to recover from this nightmare.

Ahsun Saleem and his team came in and took full charge in helping us through this transition with ...Read More

Marie Passantino
Monmouth Gastroenterology


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