Data Center & Virtualization

Our Data Center service allows your company to leverage innovative, state-of-the-art technologies such as hosted services, cloud desktop, and virtualization. There are countless benefits to virtualizing your technology, and one of them is having the flexibility to move workloads between multiple servers. This means that you can ensure optimum performance for each server.

With Simplegrid Technology’s Data Center & Virtualization services, you can:

  • Reduce your total cost of ownership - no need to purchase new servers when you optimize your existing ones
  • Go green - minimal need of electricity for cooling purposes
  • Upload and download faster - applications, programs and files are more readily accessible, thus improving your productivity
  • Do more with less - get rid of hardware you don’t need and free up more office space
  • Sleep easier at night - if problems occur that result in downtime or a halt in operations, our recovery programs enable you to get back up and running more rapidly

Propel your business forward by taking advantage of cost-effective new technology.