IT Support in New York & New Jersey: Public Cloud Vs. Private Cloud

IT Support in New York & New Jersey: Public Cloud Vs. Private Cloud

There is quite a debate happening between those in favor of the public cloud and those who prefer the private cloud. Each side has enthusiastic proponents who set forth reasonable arguments and evidence. However, IT support providers in New York overwhelmingly favor the private cloud. As time progresses, it is becoming increasingly clear the public cloud is a legitimate threat to data security.

Defining the Public Cloud and the Private Cloud

The public cloud is dubbed as such as it is provided to the general public in either a pay-per-use or no-cost capacity. The public cloud can be accessed with ease on the web, examples include Dropbox and Office 365. Alternatively, the private cloud is the same service, yet it sits behind the firewall and limits access to customers, employees, and others within the organization. The private cloud is run by the data center or the IT department.

Why Some Argue in Favor of the Public Cloud

Most of those who prefer the public cloud argue the ability to consume IT services as well as related services through a pay-per-use model. The public cloud provides add/drop capacity and rapid access to information. This is precisely why a pro-public cloud camp exists. However, IT support experts in New York are not hopping on board the public cloud for an array of reasons.

The Argument for the Private Cloud

Those in favor of the private cloud are adamant that enabling features of the private cloud offers the optimal level of control, visibility, privacy, and data security. It is awfully assuring to business owners and managers to know exactly where its data is positioned and that this data is completely secure.

All it takes is one data breach to cause a crisis that ruins your company's reputation, spur customer loss and possibly cause the business to go under. This is true for businesses of all types and sizes. Aside from creating the potential for a public relations nightmare, a data breach can also cause a decrease in worker productivity and costly fines. There is also the matter of the time, effort, and resources you will have to invest to rebuild your company's brand and client base. Once you consider these possible negative outcomes that can be caused by a data breach, you will hesitate to use the public cloud.

Why the Public Cloud is Insecure Compared to the Private Cloud

The public cloud has its fair share of flaws. Access can be provided from anywhere. Data crosses the open web to the cloud provider, making it accessible to other parties. It is even possible for the vendor to provide physical site access to others. Furthermore, if data is lost and your business is harmed, there is minimal case law to rely upon for legal footing. Alternatively, the private cloud gives you control over servers. The data is protected behind a firewall, even when co-locating servers to other positions.

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