Managed IT Services in New York City & New Jersey: Why You Should Consider Using a Virtual CIO

Managed IT Services in New York City & New Jersey: Why You Should Consider Using a Virtual CIO

Small companies often find it difficult to maintain a sufficiently large IT department to cope with all of the maintenance, enhancements, and day-to-day problems of a small business, let alone addressing security issues and staying one step ahead of the hackers. Some companies are too small to even have an IT department, but when IT is so integral to the way every business works these days, the best solution is to source a virtual CIO from a managed IT services provider to cover this for you.

Using the help of a managed services provider (MSP) to fulfill the role that an information officer or IT specialist would normally fulfill couldn’t be easier and is probably much cheaper than you would expect. It can be expensive to employ an IT professional and expecting one employee to be responsible for all of the facets of the IT needs of a company is challenging for the individual and may be detrimental to the business in the long run.

Benefits of a Virtual CIO

A managed IT services provider in New York will have none of these restrictions, however. Their teams are much larger than a small business can afford, which allows them to employ staff with specific knowledge in all the requisite IT areas required. The key area for small businesses is usually security as hackers are constantly trying to upgrade their knowledge to be able to access sensitive information from all types of business of all different sizes. It can often be easier for them to infiltrate smaller companies because there is no dedicated security expert to cope with all the loopholes that a hacker will exploit to steal data.

The other problem is that hackers will not keep to a neat structure of only working 9 to 5 in your time zone. They'll strike how and when they feel like it; and if you don’t have sufficient staff available overnight or on weekends or holidays, the impact could be catastrophic. An MSP is available at all times, just in case any other problem needs to be dealt with that could affect your systems, such as an environmental disaster.

In addition to disaster planning and scheduling correct and frequent backups, a virtual CIO will also be able to help with future planning, preparing an IT roadmap so that you're ready for growth and making sure you don’t overspend in the wrong areas. They're also responsible for day-to-day maintenance, ongoing monitoring, and management of the current systems to ensure that all your IT needs are met.

If you're worried that your IT team is not as large as it should be to cope with all of your IT and security needs, consider the help of a managed IT services provider in New York City and New Jersey like Simplegrid Technology. Our employees are extremely experienced in all aspects of IT that a small to medium-sized business might require, and we're here for you 24 hours a day. Contact us today so that we can help your business expand and prosper in today's technical world.